Breaking Bonds: How to Divorce an Abuser and Heal — A Survival Guide

Breaking Bonds: How to Divorce an Abuser and Heal — A Survival Guide


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Are you ready to leave your abusive spouse?

Written by a financial advisor who also was abused, Breaking Bonds is a survival handbook that gives you the knowledge and tools you need to stand up to threats and intimidation, reduce your stress, and make better strategic decisions during your divorce.

This comprehensive guide offers essential information you need to protect your family and your assets, obtain a successful outcome in your divorce settlement, start your healing process, and improve the quality of your life. In these pages, you will find practical guidance and holistic support to break free of a terrible situation. 

Rosemary Lombardy explains:

  • What to put in your go-bag if you're planning an escape.

  • Information you need to collect before you file for divorce.

  • Financial and legal considerations to bear in mind, including things a lawyer or an accountant might overlook.

  • The divorce process and how to deal with common tactics of abusers to minimize the damage they inflict.

  • Techniques to use to nourish and soothe your body, mind, and spirit during a stress-filled time in your life.

  • Ways to protect your children at home and at school.

  • Strategies to heal so your next relationship is healthy.

  • The importance of forgiveness, joy, and purpose.

  • And much, much more.

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About the Author


Rosemary Lombardy, Financial Advisor & Author

Founder of Breaking Bonds

Rosemary Lombardy is the founder of Breaking Bonds, a blog and resource hub for abused women, is a financial advisor with over thirty-five years of experience. Although her professional expertise is in financial matters, her perspective on marital abuse, divorce, and recovery is heartfelt and personal. She draws on decades of experience from her own and other marriages, complemented by thorough research.