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Breaking Bonds makes available needed legal and financial information, comprehensive self-care tools, and strategies to help you get strong enough to take back your power, minimize the damage your abuser will try to inflict, and have a successful outcome. In addition to providing practical information, our intent is to give you effective methods to help you cope during this crisis and begin the healing process so that you can rebuild your life.

You are a survivor. It is time for you to take action. You can do it.

Here you will find information, tools, and resources that you can use right now.


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Financial Information & Resources

How to prepare to leave your abuser and how to protect yourself financially.  Things you need to know before and after you leave. What steps you need to take.

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Legal Information & Resources

How to choose a divorce lawyer, what to expect, what to bring to your first appointment, doing research, and how to prepare for court. 

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Self Care Tools & Support

Diet and exercise, getting enough rest, how to set boundaries, affirmations, and monitoring your thoughts.

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If you or your children are being physically abused, get out with them right now! Here is a collection of available resources to help you protect your family's safety.

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Coping & Healing Resources

How to anticipate your abuser's probable actions to stop and hurt you and prepare for battle. Stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing, taking baths, getting a massage, aromatherapy, meditation, and prayer.

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The Breaking Bonds Library - Our Recommended Reading

A list of insightful books on diverse and relevant topics such as divorce, how to cope, your relationship with food, dealing with trauma, affirmations and healing, the energetic field, prayer, overcoming addictions, and more.

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The list of resources provided may prove helpful to you during your marital crisis and divorce. It is your responsibility to determine if they are beneficial and appropriate for your situation. Phone numbers and web addresses given were accurate at the time of publication.